Fiberoptic Transillumination

Fiberoptic Transilluminator

During your very thorough examination, Dr. Levy will use a fiberoptic transilluminator. This is a diagnostic handheld device that emits a finely concentrated cool beam of bright light.

With the transilluminator, Dr. Levy can often eliminate the need for certain x-rays. Other benefits include:

  • Its intense light will help reveal cavities in between your front teeth and under any existing restorations or bondings they may have.
  • It is useful in detecting cracks or fractures in your teeth, and even cracks in the roots. Detecting a crack in its early stage can allow the tooth to be treated before the crack becomes so severe that the nerve is involved or the tooth lost due to it splitting.
  • It can aid in locating calculus (tartar) under the gumline. Calculus is a primary cause of periodontal disease (gum disease). It must be thoroughly removed from the root surface in order to prevent loss of bone and gum recession.

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Diagram of a fiberoptic transillumitaor detecting anterior cariesAnterior Caries