Denture Exams & Maintenance
in Merrick, NY

Your dentures are an investment and require care and attention to maintain their optimum performance. The fit of your dentures will have a profound affect on your oral tissues and health. An annual examination by Steven M. Levy, DMD will help ensure your denture is functioning properly.

Medical and dental history

Updating your medical and dental history with any significant changes is critical to maintaining your oral health and well-being. A variety of medical and dental conditions can alter a dentures fit.

Oral exam

Annual examinations can assist in detecting oral abnormalities including cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. Early detection of these conditions is generally beneficial for treatment.

The Velscope, a sophisticated piece of advanced medical technology, is used by Steven M. Levy, DMD to aid in screening for oral cancer and other soft tissue pathology. For further information on the Velscope please check that page in our “Advanced Technology” section.

Tissue and bone

Ill-fitting dentures may cause bone and tissue damage. For your oral health, Steven M. Levy, DMD can assess and recommend solutions to suit your personal needs.

Comfort, fit, and integrity of dentures

Bite problems, speech impediments and tissue irritations can be caused by an ill-fitting denture and should be remedied. Leaving this condition unchecked can lead to complicated situations in the future. Steven M. Levy, DMD can assess your dentures for cracks, chips, and broken or loose teeth and suggest solutions.

Overview of exam

  • Update of medical and dental history chart
  • An examination of your oral cavity
  • Oral cancer exam utilizing the Velescope Tissue and bone assessment
  • Denture stability and bite examination
  • Cleaning and polishing of your denture
  • Oral hygiene review

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