iTero 3D Imaging Scanner

Hate that “goop in the mouth” and gagging
during dental impressions?

iTero machine

We now have iTero, the comfortable alternative. iTero, from Align Technology,is a highly accurate laser powered digital scanner that eliminates the tray and putty impressions.

iTero all but guarantees a perfect fit for your beautiful new crown or bridge with little or no adjustments. Your dental treatment can be completed in fewer visits, more comfortably, and most importantly with more precise results.

As your teeth are gently scanned with iTero’s handheld wand, you watch the three-dimensional image of your teeth come to life on Dr. Levy’s computer screen.

This data is then transmitted to the Align Technology laboratory facility where an exacting replica of your teeth is computer generated and milled from a solid block of polyurethane.

iTero Benefits for You:

  • A pleasant experience with no gagging and no impression trays in your mouth.
  • Enhance precision and quality of your dental work.
  • Less repeat visits and chair time due to more exacting technology.
  • No Additional Cost for this cutting-edge advance in dentistry.
 iTero scanner being used in a patient's mouth
 iTero 3D model

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