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Reviews From Our Patients

I will begin this review by saying that I am a coach for dental practices and I work with over 40 practices in the tri-state area. With that being said, I can say that I have the unique opportunity to observe and evaluate the care being provided in the practices I coach. That perspective has steered me to select Dr Levy and his team to deliver care to me and my family. First, there is no finer dental facility that you will ever see. The design of the clinical rooms where “we” receive treatment is brilliant. The facility is beautiful and it enhances the community. I love the green-awareness displayed by the use of solar panels. You will never find a friendlier and more welcoming dental team. Susan is very friendly and welcoming as the office manager. Erin and Andrea, the twin team members double the comfort of every visit and their new team member, Espy is great. Ask her to sing for you. It will blow you away. They very quickly make their practice a “happy dental home” for their patients. Dr Levy is an exceptional dentist. He is highly skilled and is careful in planning the dental care of his patients to insure that they receive the best care and the care is very affordable for the level of care he provides. I received wonderful care from his hygienist, Eileen. She was a master in making me comfortable throughout the duration of my periodontal treatment. Due to my busy schedule, I was especially appreciative of how she offered to do all of my treatment in one longer visit. Her touch is light but she is incredibly thorough and careful. I have had the opportunity to also watch the other hygienists, Diane and Kristina and I can say they are equally impressive. I believe this dental practice is “as good as it gets”. I have welcomed the opportunity to become a patient of Dr Levy and his team and I highly recommend his practice.

Dr Steven Katz

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Dr. Steven Levy has been my dentist for over 25 years. When my dental plan changed, I reluctantly went to another dentist for about a year. My subject title “Precise, reliable, caring, friendly, clean” are real qualities that have never changed, I know they don’t exist with all dentists, and I will never take them for granted. Precise – I needed to have a root canal performed – which is one of the most serious procdures I’ve ever required. There are several steps, requiring several visits. Dr. Levy peformed them flawlessly, with no issues after 7 years. Reliable – The same quality care every visit. Caring – I receive effective, gentle care from Eileen, Dental Hygenist – assigned to me every visit. After every visit, you receive a bottle of water, toothbrush and floss. You will recive a follow-up phone call after any procedure. Friendly – Office Manager, Susan, all of the staff, and Dr. Levy are like family. I have to add that I enjoy Dr. Levy’s sense of humor – and we often joke, have a laugh! Clean – The treatment rooms, office, bathrooms are always spotless

Sal Guccione

Dr. Steven Levy has been our family dentist for approximately 20 years, and has always demonstrated qualities of being extremely capable and qualified. More importantly, in addition to his dental competence, he is compassionate, kind and has a sense of humor. He also has a courteous, helpful and competent office staff. An incident I will never forget was when I was injured playing ball; The ball hit my mouth and damaged some teeth, causing considerable pain. As luck would have it, it happened on a Sunday morning. Although Dr. Levy’s office was closed, he insisted on seeing me to prevent further discomfort and pain.

Compassion is measured by deed and not just talk. Dr. Levy not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk. Sincerely, Vince Gatto

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Dr. Steven Levy is a consummate professional. He has performed complex and lengthy reconstructive procedures for me with skill, patience and an eye to detail that is unfailing. He has also done more routine work as well as new crowns. He is sensitive to the many dimensions of dentistry, including cosmetic and esthetic. At no point have I experienced discomfort or pain. I am delighted with the results of his work.

His interpersonal skills include great patience, the ability to listen closely to patients concerns and questions and a great sense of humor. Dr. Levy and his staff are always welcoming, cordial and professional. Except in a rare case of an emergency, I have never been kept waiting for my appointment.

Dr. Steven Levy has my complete respect and confidence, and I look forward to working with him in the future. I recommend him fully and without reservation.

William J. McKeough, Ph.D.

As always Dr. Levy and his staff provide knowledgeable, thoroughly professional, and state of the art quality care in a friendly, caring environment. I always leave with a complete picture of my dental health because of the in depth examination which is never hurried and is always thorough. Patient education is an important highlight in this practice. They take the time to listen and to make certain that I can respond with any questions or concerns. Additionally I appreciate the spotless facilities, the kindness of the staff and their concern for my overall welfare. They get the highest marks in every area. I am a very satisfied client.

Ted Bean

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Upon moving to Merrick some twenty plus years ago and having the first of our four children, we were in need of many things. One of which was a dentist. When asking for recommendations from friends and neighbors alike, Dr. Steven Levy was the first on everyone’s list. We took their advice and never regretted it.

Throughout the past twenty years, he has shown professionalism and expertise in dentistry. This alone would make a dentist stand out. Yet, in addition to being one of the best in his field, he has a warm, caring and friendly personality. Dr. Levy transcends the many fears that the young and not so young have about going to the dentist. He is a master in his profession and has the commitment and the dedication for making his patients comfortable, safe and healthy.

Now, when new people move into the neighborhood and ask for our recommendation, the Abgarian family can unequivocally say, Dr. Steven Levy.

The Abgarian Family

Afraid of going to the dentist? Not anymore!

Since I switched dentists approximately 20 years ago, I actually look forward to going to Dr. Levy. He has performed root canal work, created new crowns, built bridges and filled cavities. His ability to give me Novocain without pain is an art.

Not only is he fantastic, but his staff is extremely friendly. I look forward to the assistance of his staff and the annual cleaning by his dental hygienists. I have referred him to others, and I will continue to do so.

One other note, he actually calls after the visit to find out how I am doing. Wouldn’t it be great if all your doctors did that?

In conclusion, going to Dr. Levy once a year may not be enough. I actually upped my visits to twice a year. Thanks to Dr. Levy, the Dental Nightmare is over!!!

 M. Shapiro

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I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Levy from the very first day he went into practice.

I will say with confidence that in my opinion, Dr. Levy is an extremely competent dentist and medical professional, highly skilled at the multitude of disciplines found in today’s modern dental practice. Dr. Levy has always kept himself and his office abreast with new technologies as they emerged. Every year has seen a new piece of equipment, a new machine or a new technique in his practice.

Dentistry is a unique mix of medical knowledge, mechanical engineering and technology and the precise manual dexterity of a surgeon. Dr. Levy has the personality, intelligence, training and skill to bring these aspects together into a successful practice.

All this being said, the real measure of success is the durability of Dr. Levy’s work. I an the proud owner of a mouthful of caps, crowns and bridgework that Dr. Levy has built for me over the past twenty five years or so. Virtually all of his work has held together perfectly. It is this confidence and trust in Dr. Levy’s work that has me stay with him for life and to recommend him to my friends.

Sincerely, Jeffrey Saporito

Dr. Levy has been our family dentist for over 15 years. We left for a short period of time because our insurance had changed. However, we decided to go back because Dr. Levy was so good. We could not find anyone to match his talent, professionalism and attention to detail as a dentist. (We never had any other dentist check under our tongues for cancer.)

Because of an accident, one of the members of our family had to have an implant for one of her two front teeth. If not done correctly, it could have been a disaster, but the result was excellent!

Dr. Levy’s office follows his lead. We always get cleanings form his hygienists and prompt attention and help from Susan at the front desk.

Thanks Dr. Levy! The Ragan Family

Many years ago, I was recommended to a young dentist named Dr. Levy, who had the expertise, genuine concern and warm personality that completely won me over and put me at ease. Is it any wonder, that 24 years later, I’m still commuting from my home in Smithtown to Merrick to place my dental care in his competent hands? Your loyal patient, Bob Miller

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My family and I want to thank you and your staff for always making us feel like an extended family. We have been fortunate to have you as our dentist since you opened your practice in Merrick, I believe around 23 years ago. It hard to believe all those years have passed.

I have to say that as a kid, I always hated going to the dentist because my experience was never a pleasant one. However, as long as I have been your patient, it truly has been a joy. You always make me and my family feel comfortable and at ease.

You are always very approachable to discuss options, points of view, etc. Communication is huge in my book and you have it. I honestly cannot say all doctors have this talent. This quality you have is something I do not take for granted.

My adult kids have beautiful teeth because of you, luckily cavity free. How many parents can say that?

My family and I wish you continued success, always. Sincerely, Bob, Mary, Casey and Jimmy Giordano, Bellmore, NY

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Levy since he started his practice in Merrick over twenty-five years ago. He was young and he was cute, but he also showed great expertise in his field. We have always been confident of his ability to deal with whatever dental requirements arose.

In addition, Dr. Levy has always demonstrated gentleness, caring and compassion. He has surrounded himself with a staff that reflects his talent and upbeat personality. No one enjoys going to the dentist, but it is always pleasant to visit Dr. Levy’s office.

At the present time, three generations of our family are patients of Dr. Levy. I believe that says it all! Mary Gershman

Dr. Levy became my dentist after a very bad experience with another dentist. He was able to reconstruct my mouth, restore my smile and my health. He knows his business.

He is honest, meticulous, very kind, congenial and a pleasure to work with. No matter what dental procedure you will need, you will leave his office satisfied, happy and well taken care of. He is up to date technologically and very skillful.

I only regret that I didn’t become his patient years ago. Goldie Medowar

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Our family has been going to Steve Levy for over 20 years. He has been what we call our biological dentist. As our kids grew up and moved off Long Island, they were forced to find someone new to take care of their teeth. They said it felt like foster care. Their real dentist was in Merrick.

Steve’s personable, funny and most importantly, very competent. We have referred people to Steve and every one of them has been very satisfied.

Everyone in the office is warm, friendly, capable and professional and has been with him for a long time, which in our book, means they’re satisfied too. Linda and Philip Nicholson, Amityville, NY

Dr. Levy and his staff are caring professionals. All calls are promptly returned, and you can expect a call from them after a procedure to see how you are feeling. The office atmosphere is cheerful and friendly.

It is apparent that Dr. Levy keeps abreast of the latest dental procedures. His explanations are clear and it is easy to talk with him. If you have a dental emergency, he gets back to you so you can always feel secure should you experience a problem.

I will only take one visit for you to recognize that you have made the correct choice. Gene and Marilyn Ziser

Dr. Levy has been our dentist for over 20 years, and during that time he has consistently provided the highest quality care. He is extremely knowledgeable about dentistry, and he is effective in making treatments as pain-free as possible. He succeeds in helping his patients to feel comfortable because of all the time, attention and care he offers,

Despite our having two dentists in our family, we have never considered using anyone other than Dr. Levy as our dentist. He is the best! Judith and Jeffrey Krauss, Chiara, Elisabeth and Nicholas Luis

My family (parents, brothers and our children) all are loyal patients of Dr. Steve Levy since he started his dental practice in Merrick.

We have received only the very best in care for all our dental needs and phobias! All handled with the utmost in professionalism, kindness and understanding.

It is truly a delight to walk into his office and be greeted by his staff with sincere smiles and having them always asks how the family is doing.

I have only really great things to say and could go on and on! Fondly,  Gale Montello

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Dr. Steve Levy is the best technically and the most informed and compassionate heath care provider I have ever experienced since I graduated medical school in 1964.

His staff is the most courteous and professional that I have ever encountered.

My knowledge of the above comes from being his patient for over 20 years. Robert J. Snowe, M.D.

With kindness and compassion, Dr. Steve treats us as if we were a member of his own family. Those scary dental visits are no more, as Dr. Steve’s warm and friendly staff, as well as his own sense of humor, immediately puts us at ease.

Thanks so much for being such a great dentist. We are so glad we found you over 20 years ago. The Lambert Family

Going to Dr. Levy’s office is a unique experience. Starting with making your appointment, the friendly, courteous staff makes you fell at home and relaxed. Dr. Levy’s warmth and humor make going to the dentist a pleasure. Dr. Levy is a very caring professional. I know first hand, for I have been a patient for over 21 years. He has also taken good care of my three sons.

Thank you, Dr. Levy and Staff, for your care, understanding and support of my health and well being. Pam Pasieka

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Dr. Levy and his staff provide the most competent dental care imaginable in a comfortable and congenial environment. We cannot recommend him more highly. Mynette and Richard Marcus

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Steve Levy for many years. We have found him to have the utmost skill, integrity and compassionate understanding.

While his skill as a dentist is without peer, the personal touch he brings to his patients is very much assuring. Herbert Wolfson

My husband and I have been in the superior dental care of Dr. Levy for many years. Dr. Levy makes dental work a painless and comfortable experience. His friendly manner puts even the most nervous patient at ease. He constantly checks to make sure you are comfortable and pain free while he is working. The day after dental work is done, his personable office staff always calls to see you you’re feeling.

Dr. Levy always takes a conservative and cooperative approach to fixing dental problems. A treatment plan is agreed upon after explaining and discussing all options.

We feel fortunate to have a dentist of Dr. Levys caliber right here in our own community. Sincerely, Kathleen and Jack Bart

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When I first visited Dr. Levy’s office 15 years ago, my teeth were in terrible shape. I guess my old dentist didn’t do such a good job. He fixed my teeth with great skill and transformed my mouth into a chewing machine. My wife and sons have also been impressed with his professionalism, chairside manner and devotion to our dental needs. Because of this, I’m not afraid to go to the dentist anymore. Thanks so much! Dr. Eric Rosner and family

We have been patients of Dr. Levy since the day he took over from Dr. Costa in 1984. Dr. Levy has always been a warm and caring person while being a thorough professional.

His sense of humor and smiling face make our visits nearly painless! The office staff is always ready to help.

We thank him for all his years of service and wish him continued success for many more years to come.

The Gasparec Family

Dr. Levy has been our family dentist for over 20 years. He and his staff have always been as professional as anyone could ask for in the field of dentistry.

When I’m in the dental chair I feel I’m in great hands. He has always been up to speed with the new technology that is available.

I have had a few emergencies over those years and have been taken care of even on his day off.

Thank you for the great work! The Sampson family

Dr. Levy is a seasoned, composed and caring person and dentist. It is because of his patience and strong skills that I am able to get out of my car and walk into his office in spite of my great fear of being examined.

Long story short, while I used to need gas just for x-rays, through Dr. Levys sensitive care and patience I was able to recently have my second root canal.

Dr. Levy is the best dentist of all time.

I love ya!
Howard L. Schreiber

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My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Levy for over 15 years. As young adults we emigrated from Eastern Europe. We both had our fair share of dental problems. Dr. Levy has done root canals, quite a few fillings and some cosmetic work for us that have been holding up well ever since.

My upper front tooth had root canal done in Europe and was badly discolored. I visited some other dentists to try to correct this problem. Most of them suggested expensive veneers or crowns that I couldn’t afford at that time. When I became Dr. Levy’s patient he suggested repairing the tooth. When I told him that I couldn’t afford expensive cosmetic dentistry he informed me that all it would take would be to remove the filling, bleach the tooth and replace the composite filling. The result was and still is amazing! Sincerely, Andrea and Laszlo Feledy

My husband and I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for all the care and concern you have shown our family over the years.

We have complete confidence in your precision as a dental professional, not only for ourselves, but for our three children as well. It is a pleasure to deal with a professional who is honest and candid when it comes to treatment. Your willingness to stay on top of the latest technology is evident in your attention to detail.

It is obvious from your smiles and good humor that you enjoy your work. That makes coming to the dentist not so bad after all! Sincerely, Monica Waller

I have been a patient for 20 years because I have always felt that Dr. Levy has provided the best possible care. It is clear that he keeps up with the latest technology and constantly modernizes his equipment and procedures.

My rear teeth can be difficult to work on, but hes always up to the challenge. Best of all, his sense of humor and genuine concern makes the visits as pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be.

It’s my pleasure to recommend him to anyone looking for a good dentist! Gail Arena

Dr. Levy is not only a highly skilled technical dentist, but is also a compassionate, considerate and approachable man. Dr. Levy and his staff have always been responsive, flexible and available when needed.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Levy and his staff. They are wonderful! Jill Gershman

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I used to hate and fear going to the dentist. Just the thought of it made my mouth hurt. But then, I became a patient of Dr. Steve Levy.

From the beginning, Dr. Levy’s professionalism and sensitive care has been remarkable. I no longer hate nor fear going to the dentist.

In addition, Dr. Levy’s entire staff has followed his lead, always treating me with courtesy and kindness.

I have confidently recommended Dr. Levy to family and friends on a number of occasions. John T. Ryan

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We were your folks next door neighbors even before you went to dental school. Its been a great experience watching your personal growth along with the growth of your practice.

Were especially grateful and proud of the way youve kept ahead of the learning curve so as to offer us the most modern and pain free treatments. When we were kids, a dentists office was the last place youd want to go. Many people dreaded the annual visit. You, as well as your personable staff of professionals, have eliminated that worry, and made that visit into one where we can appreciate everything you do to help us enjoy our lives. Best regards, Pat and Larry Gillick

I have been going to Dr. Levy since he opened his practice in Merrick in 1984. He is a professional, knowledgeable and caring dentist, with a great chairside manner, who perform virtually pain free procedures. His support staff, from the office manager to the dental hygienists, are equally pleasant, personable and skilled in their respective rolls. Chris Schaaf

Thanks to a neighbor who recommended Dr. Levy we have been very pleased with having him as our dentist. He treats his patients with care and concern. He is very easy to speak with and always responds to any questions we have with the same interest in his patients as the first day we went to him many years ago. Bob and Beverly Lawler

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The first thing I notice when I enter Dr. Steve Levy’s office is the friendly people waiting to help me. I have been a patient of Dr. Levy’s for about 20 years and have never been disappointed.

He has a very clean, efficient, and up to date practice. He has always taken care of any emergency procedure my family has had. He has given not only myself, but also my two children and husband excellent service as well.

I highly recommended him as a family dentist. Susan Papaioannou

We’ve been very satisfied patients of Dr. Levy for over 17 years. The office atmosphere is always pleasant and friendly. Dr. Levy’s dentistry is effective, honest and always delivered with good humor.

What more could you ask for? Lila and Eli Robinson

For many years our entire family has enjoyed the excellent service provided by Dr. Steven M. Levy. We realize the importance of maintaining good teeth and having a healthy body.

We believe we get extraordinary service from him. Not only that, his staff is top professional and always a joy to see.

We hope he stays in practice forever and continues his fine work. Arnold and Verna B. Herman

We have been patients of Dr. Steven M. Levy for many years. Both of us have been pleased with his manner, his dental skills, his very pleasant personality and his ability to make you relax.

Along with his good dental skills, he brings with him a very pleasant and capable staff.  Sincerely, Selma and Ted Gellman

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Thank you for the excellent services you have provided our family during the last fifteen years.

Your expert techniques and procedures have afforded us the minimum of dentistry and a maximum in healthy mouths.

Please stay available when we get older!  Thank you, The Munros

Since you have to go to the dentist, this is the place to go, where the energy is upbeat, the staff is friendly and kind and Dr. Levy is the best!  Sincerely, Vivian Sheperis