CariVu Cavity Detection Without Radiation

We are proud and excited to introduce a new standard for cavity detection called CariVu. CariVu is a high tech diagnostic video device that comfortably and accurately detects cavities, cracks and other tooth problems with zero radiation! CariVu has an impressive accuracy rate of 99%, enabling Dr. Levy to chart the best course of treatment for his patients.

Radiation Free

CariVu is revolutionary technology that utilizes a small handpiece which transilluminates the teeth in safe near-infrared light. By gently hugging the tooth with CariVu, Dr. Levy is able to see through the tooth structure, exposing cavities and cracks.

When combined with our intraoral camera and digital X-rays, CariVu aids in exposing tooth problems in their early stages allowing for less invasive, more conservative treatment.

CariVu handpiece

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Detecting Troublesome Cavities That X-rays Don’t

Recently, Dr. Levy had a patient come into the office complaining about persistent pain keeping her up at night. A thorough clinical exam and X-rays did not indicate the source of her discomfort. CariVu, however, did!

The picture below was taken of our monitor in the treatment room. The image on the left is a CariVu image clearly showing a dark cavity between the first molar and the adjacent premolar. The other dark areas are existing fillings. The image on the right is an X-ray of the same tooth. The red-circled area is where the painful cavity existed, yet it did not appear on the X-ray.

Without CariVu, Dr. Levy would not have been able to diagnose the source of this patient’s pain. The CariVu image allowed Dr. Levy to precisely and comfortably place a bonded filling eliminating the troublesome cavity.

Cari-vu x-rays on a monitor


During those nine months, even with appropriate shielding and digital X-rays, many women are still concerned with radiation exposure. The safe light emitted by CariVu allows those women to feel comfortable during their examinations knowing that they have a “no-radiation” option.


Some parents are resistant to X-raying their children’s teeth even with the lowest radiation dose. Many children do not like the digital X-ray sensors in their small mouths. CariVu is fast and easy with children. It allows our hygienists and Dr. Levy to quickly capture video images that check for cavities in between teeth which would go undetected with just a visual examination.

Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy

Individuals undergoing radiation therapy needing or wanting to forgo X-rays can do so with CariVu. Therefore, Dr. Levy can formulate a plan of care suitable for their medical condition.

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