Our Office Can Help You Overcome Dental Fear and Anxiety

Young woman looking anxiousIf simply the thought of going to the dentist makes you nervous, you are not alone. Studies have shown that as much as 75% of the people surveyed have at least some fear of dental treatment, and up to 15% are so apprehensive that it prevents them from getting any dental care at all.

Steven M. Levy, DMD and their team realize that each patient has their own special needs and fears. For some, their apprehension is so pronounced that it prevents them from seeking dental treatment for so many years that not only are they embarrassed to show a professional their mouth, but they are ashamed of their fearfulness itself. People become fearful because they have had bad and often painful experiences.

We Are A Unique Dental Office

Healthy, relationships are built upon trust and the knowledge that the individuals treating you care how you feel. We are dedicated to making you feel calm and safe. Everyone has his or her own special “story”. We want to hear that story and will listen in a non-judgmental, sympathetic way. If we understand your fears we can help you overcome them.

We will set aside the time you need to get over your fears. Our team doesn’t believe in rushing our patients. Our goal is for you to feel calm and safe without anxiety. We want all your visits in our office to be positive ones.

In order to help relax you, we have nitrous oxide (“sweet air”, “laughing gas”) available as well as other soothing techniques. Many utilize our noise cancelling headphones which enable you to peacefully listen to some of your favorite music while your oral needs are attended cared for.

A Warm Welcoming Atmosphere

Young woman looking happy and giving a thumbs upWhen you enter our office we treat you like a guest in our own home. Ours is not the cold, clinical and impersonal atmosphere so common these days in healthcare facilities. We will greet you with warmth and always strive to take you on time.
Almost universally, my team and I have found that new patients who are scared and anxious their first visit are very much at ease by their second or third time in our office.

Worried About Going To The Dentist?

You’re not alone! Dr. Levy and his team are dedicated to making you feel calm and safe, so don’t delay your treatment any longer. Contact us today!

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