Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

Special Precautions for your Health During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a time of anxiety for everyone. Your health and the health of my Team are our #1 priority. Just like you we have loved ones who rely on us, so working safely is extremely important to us. This office has always been known for being immaculately clean and adhering to state-of-the-art sterilization and infection control. For your safety, we have further updated our infection control protocols to adhere to the latest guidance from the CDC, ADA, and the NYS Dental Society. These protocols are constantly evolving. As more becomes known about the virus and reliable testing procedures we pledge to update them.

Body temperature check requiredOur welcoming procedures have also been modified. The day before your appointment we will be calling to screen you for any symptoms which would require us to postpone your visit. Initial COVID symptoms are similar to other illnesses. If you are not feeling well the day of your appointment, please call to reschedule. On the day of your appointment, if you wish to remain in your car, please call us upon your arrival. Our administrative team will call you when we are ready to see you. You are required to wear a face mask upon entering the building. You will once again be asked screening questions so that we know you are well.  If you would like something to read, please bring your own reading material as we no longer have magazines due to sanitary concerns.

Please call us with any questions regarding our intensive sterilization efforts: Progressive Dentistry Phone Number 516-378-8600.

Our Team will also be pre-screened daily for your protection. They will each be asked the same pre-screening questions we ask our patients. The Team will look a little different since we will be wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) for our mutual protection.

fighting the virus graphicWe may move a little slower between appointments in order to assure comprehensive disinfection of every room between each patient. Ensuring your well-being is going to take time. We ask for your understanding and patience. Please allow sufficient time in your schedule for your office visit.

The office is equipped with a washer and dryer to make certain that all Team members have fresh, sanitary uniforms every day. PPE which is not washable is replaced with new disposables.

Special precautions have been taken to reduce aerosols which have the potential to contain coronavirus particles. Each treatment room is now equipped with 2 oversized air purifiers, both of which have 0.10-micron filters capable of filtering out the coronavirus. One purifier additionally has a UV light that deactivates the virus.

The office HVAC system has two air intakes at either end of the building’s main hall. Each intake is also equipped with special 0.1-micron filters capable of removing coronavirus particles as they pass through it.

When you are seated in the treatment room you will be asked to rinse your mouth with Colgate Peroxyl. The active ingredient is 1.5% hydrogen peroxide which deactivates coronavirus, further reducing those aerosols. We have also installed special high-volume suction devices to minimize aerosols escaping from patients’ mouths during treatment.

Rest assured that our office is likely one of the most thoroughly cleaned and disinfected environments you can possibly be in for your dental care. We will be constantly updating these procedures as we gain more knowledge about the virus. Please feel free to call us, at Progressive Dentistry Phone Number 516-378-8600, for any questions or concerns that you might have. Stay healthy and safe!

Please click here to learn more about our meticulous office sterilization and disinfection.

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